• Slow Lazy Morning

    Second time in slovenia and this time lots of snow. Lots. of. it. I had scouted a nice position up hill and had everything planned. Would start a hike around 0500am, with snow shoes up hill so I would have enough time for my shot. Then 4 days before I get to Slovenia: snow storm. It basically made it impossible for me to walk to where I planned. The hotel said the risk of avalanche was too high so I had to "improvise" with what I had in hand. Remember the cool story about me going up hill like a cool, pun intended, crazy Indiana Jones? Nope. Just stepped out of my hotel room basically and waiting for sunrise. The only sunrise I had at my stay, dreadful weather. Anyway, it was a nice surprise since the sunrise w

  • The sun rises from behind the Mountains (Iceland)

    Beautiful weather and light for landscape photography. While the high winds were contributing for some flow in the clouds the sand that was blowing from it started to creep in my equipment so I ran back to the van and picked up a spare ikea zip-lock, made a whole and attached to the front element. A bit cumbersome operation inside there but camera was squeaky clean after hours I spent outside in terrible wind conditions. My old tripod though did not have the same luck. The joints got so much sand that until today after multiple cleans I can still hear the crunching. But it was one of my best days in Iceland by far.

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