Sony A7rII: Thanks for the nice memories - RHAWI DANTAS

I vowed that I would skip the A7rIII. I really did.

And I almost made it to the IV if it not for a super nice Black Friday deal last year where I could return A7rII and get some store credit if buying a new A7rIII. And since I had bought the A7rII used I had an irrational fear of the thing just failing on me when I would be on a trip.

But this is not about the III, its about the II and boy I loved this camera.

Lucky sunset shot. Few minutes later the clouds took over.

My main usage for this camera is landscape photography followed by travel and some street. So I will leave blank those areas that I do not use and the score will cover only the areas that I touched.

This little thing travelled with me to so many places: Brazil, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Spain.

It braved the cold in the Finnish lapland at -20c and the humidity of my home town in Brazil.

Took a bath in waterfalls in Slovenia and dropped, yes it drooped, on my first outing in Iceland from car roof right into the gravel. I thought it was a gonner but... luckily it just kept going. Like a little angry badger with Sony tattoo on the forehead.

Right outside of my hotel and using an Olympus OM 100mm adapted lens.


One of the things I really enjoyed were the apps. To me they were really a revelation of what cameras in the future would be doing and boy I was wrong in that one after Sony dropping it.

The Touchless Shutter app is a functionality that I hope Sony integrates in their future cameras together but the king of the apps was always the Smooth Reflection. I used it so much and saved me a lot of computing power and storage at home and if you are listening Sony, please bake that into your future software.

One of the examples of the SR app. Remember to always meter to highlights since shadows will be super clean using it.

And I can't sing enough praises for the exposure compensation dial. So many cameras forget this little thing.

Of course there are some quirks: the drop from 14 to 12 in bit depth on Continuous bracket always annoyed me, the fact that the apps were barely updated (and eventually dropped. Why Sony?) was also a real shame, battery life was an issue but nothing that really made much difference since I always carry enough batteries.

The much talked spatial filtering to me was more an issue on principle because I wish Sony would just give me a toggle when to enable it.

This was a vertical pano, I wanted the most of the MW as possible in the shot but I am still a beginner in nightscapes and did not properly expose the foreground.

I don't have many negative things to say actually. I do not need fast AF or many stops of IBIS. And please Sony, if you decide to ever add a top panel to the camera remember not to lose the comp. dial.

As I said in the beginning I think the A7rII is a fantastic camera: the apps, silent shooting, size and weight, sheer resolution and the clean, easy to post process files makes this camera still one of the top until today.

Ahhhh... Portugal :)

I have to say I miss this little guy and since my mind was so set in not changing for the newer model it was the first time it felt weird to leave a camera on the shop. But we should not get attached to those things right? So on with the new and I hope that the A7rIII brings me as much joy as the A7rII.

Here are some other shots taken with it:

Black & White

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or positive feedback on the photos let me know.

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