Hi there, I am Rhawi Dantas.

Originally from Recife, Brazil, having lived 10 years in Finland I now look for more subjects in Stockholm, Sweden.

I was always interested in photography but mostly travel related. Always enjoyed going to far far away lands and registering what I saw there and not up until recently I decided to get more serious and start blogging about it, maybe it will help someone out there. So marrying traveling, which is my biggest hobby, with my photography felt only natural.

So besides travel photography I have also have a similar obsession with Street Photography and it was in Helsinki where everything started. I guess people watching is something that I enjoy to do and, as with travel photography, it is only natural that I would register that with the camera as well. I just didn't have a proper name for this style until few years ago.
Aside from photography I work with software development and I can cook a mean breakfast every weekend, bacon being the best thing I know how to make.

Hope you enjoy my work.

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