• The sun rises from behind the Mountains (Iceland)

    Beautiful weather and light for landscape photography. While the high winds were contributing for some flow in the clouds the sand that was blowing from it started to creep in my equipment so I ran back to the van and picked up a spare ikea zip-lock, made a whole and attached to the front element. A bit cumbersome operation inside there but camera was squeaky clean after hours I spent outside in terrible wind conditions. My old tripod though did not have the same luck. The joints got so much sand that until today after multiple cleans I can still hear the crunching. But it was one of my best days in Iceland by far.

  • Peaks in the Distance (Dolomites, Italy)

    Together with Iceland the Alps are one of my favorite destinations. Put together German/Austrian and Italian influences it is by far one of most interesting places that there is. Italian and Austrian food? Check! Italian and German language? Check! Mountains? Check Lakes? Check! Beer and wine? Hmmm check! check! check!

  • Boathouse in Finnish Lapland (Aavasaksa, Finland)

    This is a place close to where my wife comes from. I am a sucker for this coloured houses up here in the Nordics. In the winter the landscape is so devoid of colour that this red, blue, yellow houses give it some life.

  • Nackareservatet (Stockholm, Sweden)

    First few images from Stockholm after moving here. This reserve is quite close to where I am living now and fairly decent "escape from the city". Quite many families around, specially on the warming days of the spring, but still has a nice forest kind of vibe.

  • Cloud covered Suomenlinna (Helsinki, Finland)

    All elements were there of an unfruitful photographic day: cloud covered skies, too much wind to keep the tripod stable, murky waters. Then at the last moment a sliver of sky opens and lets the sun out in the horizon.

  • Behind the golden mountains (Inle Lake, Myanmar)

    Photography can be a rewarding hobby sometimes. Took this shot in a hurry, parked outside of a highway, with my better half in a hurry and when I got home this came out. *pat myself in the back once more*

  • A ride back in time (Bagan, Myanmar)

    Wake up at 0500am. Hop on electric scooter. Navigate your way through a pot hole filled highway with lots of trucks around. Squeeze between loads of other tourists, photographers for the best spot. Worth it!

  • Colorfull Marina Bay (Singapore)

    Cliches are there for a reason. But coming to Singapore and not taking a shot at the Marina Bay is like going to Paris and not going to eat some croissants. 😁

  • D'Ouro colors (Porto, Portugal)

    Portuguese holidays with wife and grandma across. Porto is one of the places in Portugal I have to come back to. Big city but still with a relaxed vibe.

  • Fiery sky at Aavasaksa (Finnish Lapland)

    So a bit of back story: I lived in Finland for 9 years and for all of this time I have only seen Northern Lights twice and they were very faint. So then I moved out of Finland, to Sweden, and went back to the North for Christmas and BAM. From the 7 nights I spent in the Finnish Lapland 5 of those was with some cinematic Northern Lights. It is quite the show: I had lights "dancing" straight over my head, different colours and different durations of it, over the hills, forrest, villages, barns... You name it. I was amazed and happy that I could experience such an event. A perfect "good-bye" from Finland.

  • View of the bridge (Budapest, Hungary)

    Just came from Budapest few days ago and one of the unmissable spots is for sure the view from either side of the Danube. I didn't know that Budapest was 2 cities, Buda and Pest, that were merged but you can't go wrong by choosing one of the sides to take pictures from.

  • Lightning speed (Singapore)

    So yeah... These cars passing real close to me was quite scary and I did not know if I was infringing anything (hey, this is singapore where you are fined for almost anything). The Marina Bay Sands it is one of those iconic buildings that every city should have.

  • Somewhere in Northern Iceland

    Impossible to get remotely uninteresting while driving in Iceland. From plain fields, to mountains, to volcanic rocks... Just point the camera.

  • White veil (Skogarfoss, Iceland)

    When I got here there was me and another photographer by the waterfall. Just amazing landscape. By the time I walked up to this point I saw at least 3 buses arriving at the same time. Another thing that struck me is how quickly the weather can change in Iceland.From a nice blue sky from when I arrived clouds started to move in and I basically had to choose my composition and be done with it.

  • Still waters under the bridge (Amarapura, Myanmar)

    Peaceful and quite this place is isn't it? Well get ready to arrive early because by 0700 hoardes of tourists will join you to see the monks and locals going on about their business.

  • Towards the mountain (Iceland)

    Iceland is just so full of surprises. One moment you are driving through a lot of nothing then the landscape reveals majestic places like this. And this is only a road. The potential for astonishing views in this country is nothing short of amazing.

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