• A place to marvel - (Madeira, Portugal)

    Not far from where I was staying in Madeira, through a little village, there is this spot (can't recall the name). Compared to the other photos I took this one has very unceremonious story: there is no adventurous hikes that span hours, no climbing mountains, no waking up 2 hours before to beat hordes of tourists. Parked the car, passed a high bush and that's it. Sometimes things are right there in front of you right? The weather was perfect with the right amounts of clouds and, while the sea was a bit rough (and my wife as always is the wisest of both of us telling me not to go closer), we managed to get out of there with multiple shots. This is what it is all about. For those who are interested in this sort of thing: -Smooth Reflection App for clouds and water -Bracketing for the rocks (-1, 0, +1). Easy peasy. :)

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