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Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the recommended places my Hong Kong friends told me to visit in. In fact, they went with us there so, thanks guys. :)

The dragon below must be some sort of "lucky" dragon since the paws and nose were all worn out from people rubbing their hands against it. And by judging the amount of people behind that crowd it is pretty understandable why it is so worn out.

One of my favorite things when I travel is to see how people behave, how different the customs are from where I live, from where I come from and from what I grew up with being "the normal".

I just love to be confronted with different cultural aspects that challenges my perception of "normality" and takes me a bit off my comfort zone.


One of the good shots I took (if I may say so) was from this grandma lighting incense. I saw her before doing the ritual to get the luck stick and it was almost by chance that when I went to make another photo I "met" her again.


One of the interesting aspects of this place is that by the end there are specialized people read the fortune. Straight at the beginning where I met the nice grandma lighting incense. And service can also be found in English.

Convenient to say the least, but fortune telling isn't much my cup of tea.

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