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After a long and tiresome year I finally got to my very deserved holidays and the first stop was Hong Kong. Because of I had seen lots and lots of Hong Kong already, so I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it was all about: huge city, full of people and difficult to get around. But I must admit that Hong Kong surprised me in a good way.

But Hong Kong is not only big buildings and traffic jams, although it's a big part of what the place is ;). It is pretty easy to go almost everywhere by public transport. The attractions are also part of the charm of this small city/nation where East meets West.

With so much to see, do and experience HK is amazing for street photography. People are super friendly and do not mind when someone point a camera at them, well some do but a nice smile will go a long way.


Let me tell you one thing about Finland: we lack good street food, specially when comparing to other parts in the world. Hong Kong is brimming with places for you to buy fruits, snacks and exotic nibbles. I guarantee you that when you buy something in 5 blocks you will find something else that you want. Do this for few more weeks and you bring home more than just memories.

Not only that but people do seem more keen on eating while walking instead of just staying put somewhere. I guess it has to do with the fast-paced lifestyle in HK.

I, for one, love to try different cousines. Part of the fun in traveling is to try new things. What can go wrong? If it's bad just spit it out. Do it on the floor and it is even more charming.


Hong Kong means business, if you don't know it before arriving  you will know by the time you are there. Everyone is in a hurry and the place is built to be efficient (well, maybe not the traffic). Transportation is amazingly easy to use and you can visit pretty much everywhere with it. I did not have any problems when going around and people are very helpful when I bother them with my stupid questions.

I can't fill it fast enough

This one below to me is very interesting. During weekends I was astonished to see the amount of Filipinos on the streets, just hanging around with friends, on picnics or skyping home, of course I didn't know by then that they were Filipinos, a friend of mine pointed out to me.He said that it is the day off for many of them and they choose to hang around on this neighborhood. "This is a street photography heaven" I thought. Sadly I was on a hurry to go somewhere and the only good shot I could take was this one.


Night is always interesting to shoot, specially on a busy place. During night time things will get out of the normal, will be less organized as they are during the day, even though it is way less busy but the happenings and the allowed behavior during night times are much more interesting somehow.

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Thank for your visit and I hope you enjoyed what you saw. Don't forget to share with your friends.


Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M5

Lens: Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 12-55mm F3.5-6.3



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