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December has been very weak in the snow front this year. Compared to previous years then when even trams and metros had difficulty in going around I guess it was for the best.

Finns always tend to ask for more snow but last year their prayers have been heard and I thought we would all be buried under it.

"I am from the Woodstock generation: peace, love and Merry Christmas"

Many handcraft shops populate the square. From food to clothing you can find anything here as long as its winter-y and Christmas-y.

I bought some honey from a local producer that also mixes berries with it.Delicacies you are only going to find around this time of the year.


One of the main attractions this year (if you are up to 7 that is) was the carousel. Very colorful and the queue of eager kids and patient parents does not seem to be diminishing.

I have been going to the market almost everyday and that thing is a success.

Seems that every year they have been improving and making the Christmas market even larger. I do hope that it grows larger and  becomes an annual tradition.

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