Budapest is one of the most underrated European capitals I have visited but one that has nothing to be ashamed of the likes of London and Paris. Its churches and buildings can be main attractions but the cafés also make a big part of the charm that the city holds.

And the vistas. The one below from the top of the palace hill overlooking the bridge. It is a must during night time so one can truly enjoy how pretty the city is.


Budapest is really a night city. It becomes much more vibrant and interesting when the sun sets.

There are a lot of views across the town that give to the Danube and the bridges. You won' be disappointed.

The Danube, I thought, it was the Danube but was not blue, it was yellow, the whole city was yellow, the rooftops, the streets, the parks, funny, it is a yellow city, I thought Budapest was gray, but Budapest is yellow

Chico Buarque


Weather was pretty much top notch at this time of the year. You still had to use a jacket but not as cold as in Finland and with all of the walking it was still making me warm enough. 


The subway system in this city are a show apart: they are relatively clean but the retro futuristic soviet feeling is amazing. The subway is not the newest or most silent (damn it is loud when riding) but I really enjoyed the ride. Almost a trip back in the 70s.

All the stations have a different vibe to them and, if I would have not been counting time to go from place to place, I would have spent more time during the night to take photos where no one was in it.

"There is a Parisian charm to the city with its cafes and bridges over the river"

The New York Cafe (that is the real name) is a must stop in the city. Self entitled as "the most beautiful cafe in the world" it does have a lot of merit for it.

The little trays filled with cakes and other goodies will make your mouth water (and also the eyes when checking the bill). Service here is outstanding.


If you have come around here often you will have noticed that I enjoy taking photos of churches (or mosques or buddhist temples as well but those were missing in Budapest).

There is no shortage of nice churches to visit in Budapest. While not at the same caliber as the ones found in Rome they are nonetheless impressive by the size and decoration. 


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Camera: Sony RX1 & Sony A7r

Lens: Sony Zeiss FE 24-70mm f/4 OSS 



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