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Aberdeen was a typhoon shelter for the times when many people still lived on boats close to the city. There are some very interesting images about those times showing the huge concentration of boats just before the typhoon hit. Now it is pretty much surrounded by nice high buildings and grassy parks.

The day we went there was scolding hot, I can't emphasize it enough how terribly hot and humid Hong Kong is during the months of July-August. I read and heard about HK having harsh conditions during those months but I did not want to believe. "I am from Brazil, come on! I can take a little heat." Wrong!


One of the interesting things about this area is how the city presents it's somewhat sad past. It is like an "open air" museum with photographies and statues from scenes during Typhoons. It also helps that there were a number of locals fishing and just minding their own business, like a little shop or locals playing board games. Check the B&W section of this post much below for those pictures.

It is one of the things I enjoy the most when traveling is seeing "life" on the streets. Even though we have many festivals and gatherings in Finland they are mainly during summer time. And it is not in the culture for people just to "hang out" on the streets/cafes/markets as it is in Italy or Portugal for example. It creates few challenges for shooting on the street since the subjects are inside. And if that is not enough put some -20c on the streets with some wind then all you want is to stay inside curled in your blankies.

But this post is about Aberdeen and Jumbo Boat I'll have many posts about Finnish winter later when it arrives.


To get to Jumbo boat restaurant you will have to take a (free) boat ride to it. The waiting stop is nicely laid out with Chinese architecture touches to the docks. It does feel like you are in the middle of a film.

Let me just prepare you mentally and physically for paying a steep price for the good food and view. Physically since you will either end up with a lighter wallet or broken back for washing the many dishes. You have been warned!

The ride is short but worth, it will take you straight to the Jumbo restaurants, non-stop, but it is still possible to enjoy the view of the architecture from the sea which, otherwise, would have been only been possible with a paid trip. Spending that money on the restaurant and getting the trip seemed much more intelligent. 

As you can see the Jumbo Kingdom itself is a huge floating restaurant that serves all the edible sea things. Besides the great food there is a photograph gallery with all of the celebrities and statesman that have visited it.

Plus, on the back of the boat, there is a small "fishery" where you can select what will be on your plate later on.


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Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M5

Lens: Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F1.7 and Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 12-50mm f3.5-6.3



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